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OUR CLASSES HAVE GONE VIRTUAL!! Showstars members, please check your emails for access to our online classes. It's possible your email could have been filtered to your junk/spam folder, so check there if you have not received information from us on our new class system. Feel free to contact us at 901-848-7827 with any questions. 

Our new virtual platform has over 75 classes uploaded for you to complete at any time! Our teachers are working hard to provide all the resources you need to keep dancing at home until we can meet in the studio again!

Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. While having fun, dance students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts.


TUITION COSTS- 1 class=$50  2 classes=$80  3 classes=$110  4 classes=$140

5 classes=$170  unlimited classes=$200 prep dance,cheer,& acro = $75

 *Some gymnastics or tumbling classes are 45 min. in length to 1 hour for combo dance classes that include Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.

                                           Tuition is due Monthly by the 5th



ShowStars Ballet class offers a classical dance form that provides strong technical training for all dance forms.  The one hour intermediate and advanced classes consist of barre, center floor, leaps, turns and across the floor progressions.  Ballet classes are offered for beginner through advanced.  Pointe and Pre Pointe classes are offered with teacher’s approval.

Pointe Classes are by teacher recommendation only.  They must be at least 12 years old and have prior ballet training.  The teacher will decide upon the students that are strong enough for pointe and offer them a spot in a Pointe class at the beginning of the season.


ShowStars Jazz class provides a fresh approach to Jazz training.  We use today’s fun and exciting popular music as we teach proper Jazz technique and terminology.  We also offer a combined Jazz/Hip Hop Class for today’s Hip Hop style using tasteful, screened music.


A technical yet tender style of dance that combines Jazz and Ballet to express feelings and emotions while telling a story through dance.  ShowStars Lyrical class contains both contemporary and modern techniques.



A true American art form Tap has made a popular come back in today’s studios.  We offer tap classes for ages 3 & up in various levels.  We teach rhythm and coordination skills to today’s upbeat and popular music while focusing on proper tap technique.


Musical Theatre:

This training is incorporated into all our classes to help provide the student with a positive stage experience. We teach self- expression, and dance technique together to build a child’s self confidence.

COMPETITION DANCE & ACRO TEAMS:  2015 Regional & National Dance Champions


For the more serious dancer we have 4 levels of competitive dance teams.  This class is by audition only.  Each team is selected according to skill level and age.  We participate in 5 to 6 regional dance competitions and Nationals. Requirements for audition are according to age with a minimum of 2 years Jazz or Ballet.

Combo Classes: Includes Ballet Tap & Jazz

This program is specially designed to provide children with a strong foundation in dance and movement. It teaches the young dancer the basic elements of movement and dance; space and how we relate to it, both as an individual and as a member of a group. We teach basic locomotor movements, beat and time, ballet positions, tap, jazz and tumbling. Physical and Intellectual concepts are  taught in this class, along with creative expression and using their own imagination. These concepts help the young dancer to gain the self confidence to work in a more structured classroom environment.

Through participation in these combo classes students also learn correct ballet positions and how to pronounce and identify each step, the basics of classroom manners and behavior, which remain the same throughout their dancing years. These concepts include learning how to take turns, follow another dancer or lead the way, while having a positive attitude.

As a former Elementary Education teacher, Julie Brooks/Owner, knows that training young children in the concepts of movement, sequencing and patterning, lays a strong foundation for the later development of reading, mathematics, and other educational skills. At the age of 4 most of our students are placed in a Beginner Combo Class which replaces creative movement skills with more Ballet and Jazz technique. Our combo classes include: ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, gymnastics and baton twirling. This program is geared toward the early childhood and beginner student taught in a nurturing environment making dance a fun experience. It provides the younger dancer and beginner with a strong foundation in dance.

 ALL STAR COMPETITIVE CHEER TEAMS: Grand National All Star Champions since 2010

This All-Star Cheer program is by try-out only. Clinics and try-out camps are held each Spring for the next cheer season.  A private try-out can be scheduled for those that did not make the clinic or have recently moved to the area. Our coaches are degreed, certified UCA cheer Instructors with college level cheer experience with the University of TN, Mississippi State and The University of Memphis.  This staff has produced National Champions for schools and All -Star programs through the Mid-South.  For more information on our Competitive All- Star Program please contact the studio.  Follow our progress on our Newsletter Page.






3,000 foot  "Toe touch" room includes  40' "tumble trac"™.

The class combines floor skills used in gymnastics and Cheer.  We focus on backbends, rolls, walkovers, cartwheels, round offs, back handsprings, aerial tricks and stunts.  Classes are available for beginner through advance level.


This class is geared toward the beginner to intermediate gymnast. ShowStars offers High and low Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Tumble Trac, Acro Aerial Hoop  and Spring Board. These classes will provide a solid foundation for the aspiring gymnast. They will learn proper technique on all apparatuses which will also include spring board preparation for vault.


The class combines Cheer and Gymnastics to give the student a broader variety of Cheer by learning gymnastic skills, along with proper technique. This program teaches Chants, Pom, Dance, Stunting, and tumbling. This class offers the young student all the proper skills and correct technique used in Cheerleading, to further their interest in the sport.

"NEW" On Schedule - BEGINNER Dance & Tumbling Replaces  Creative Movement

The student will learn a series of beginner level dance and tumbling  to prepare them for  a full hour of dance, gymnastics cheer or tumbling. This is designed for Pre-school level to 4 yrs old and those that have just turned 3 before December of the school year.

Pageant Modeling & Voice:

This class is taught as a private lesson for the student that is interested in becoming involved in local and state pageants. Julie Brooks is a former pageant winner and certified through John Casablanca Modeling School in pageant, runway modeling, stage presentation and interviewing skills which are needed for the Miss Tipton County Scholarship pageant and other local and State level Pageants. We have coached several winners of Miss Tipton County and Miss Collierville.


ShowStars only offers Private lessons in Dance & Tumbling for enrolled monthly students.  For more information please contact the office.

Policies -

“To Be A Dancer You Should Dress Like A Dancer.”

Dress Code:

Dance is a discipline. Having a dress code promotes unity and professionalism in the studio. All students are given the same choices, therefore, allowing minimal “competition” in the classroom. No Jeans and t-shirts are allowed in the classroom. We do not allow Tummies to show, baggy clothing or clothing with inappropriate wording. Street clothes are not allowed to be worn to class. Hair must be pulled away from the face and off the shoulders in every class. No jewelry or chewing gum is allowed.  No food or drinks are allowed in the studio. A water cooler is provided for the dancers use. Sports bras are recommended for older dancers. The sports bra should be Hot Pink, Zebra print or Black Only! No shirts or sweaters can be worn over the required leotard.

The dress code is very basic, styles and colors. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate apparel and shoes to participate in their class.  No t-shirts or tops can be worn over a leotard.   No street clothes or shoes are allowed on the dance floor for class!

Girls (Ages 3-6),  Black or Pink solid Leotard, Pink tights. (Conversion tights are recommended). Dance skirts, dance shorts. Pants are not allowed. No long Jazz pants!
Girls (Ages 7 & up), Black leotard ONLY! Pink, Conversion Tights. Ballet skirts, black dance shorts.  No pants or long Jazz pants! 
Boys (all ages), should wear black sweat pants or black knee length shorts. Jazz shoes are required for Dance or Black High Tops for Hip Hop Jazz. Tennis shoes for tumbling. Shirts should be form fitting. No Jeans, No baggy or loose clothing is allowed! No Hats, head wraps , no words printed on the back side of shorts, pants or capris, or on any clothing item will be allowed on the dance floor!


Pointe and Pre-Pointe classes have an all black dress code with Theatrical Pink conversion tights, black sports bra, black dance shorts or black ballet skirt.

Shoes are a very important part of dance. SHOES MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE STUDIO TO CHANGE OUT OF YOUR STREET SHOES.  DO NOT WEAR YOUR DANCE OR CHEER SHOES OUTSIDE OF THE STUDIO.  NO STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED ON THE DANCE  OR TUMBLING FLOORS!  All dancers  and cheerleaders must wear the appropriate dance shoe for the class of instruction. Label all shoes with both first and last name.


Ballet - Pink Leather Ballet Shoe split sole or full sole. No slippers!
Pointe – This is a special order shoe per Instructor only.
 Purchased at Cordova Dancewear

Lyrical – Split Sole Pink Leather or canvas  Ballet Shoe, Lyrical shoe or foot thongs.
Gymnastic – White Gymnastics shoe.
Tumbling – White Gymnastics shoe or all White Tennis Shoe with support. No Street shoes allowed on the floors, bring your shoes to change!
Power Tumbling – All White Tennis Shoe with support. No Street Shoes allowed.



Tuition is on a monthly basis with an average of 4 one hour classes per month. We do not pro-rate classes for absences  or weather closings of any kind. All tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month and will incur a $20.00 late fee if submitted after the 5th. The late fees will be added to your account and must be included in your next payment. NO EXCEPTIONS!  For your convenience payment envelopes are located on the counter in the lobby. These envelopes are clearly marked for each month, class day and time. Please include your child's first and last name. We also  take Credit Card and Debit payments; all returned checks will incur a $35.00 return check fee and must be paid in cash. If we receive more than two returned checks from you during the year you will not be able to pay tuition with a check, only cash or debit payments will be accepted. We also do automatic drafts for monthly tuitition.  Please ask Mrs. Patty for a form to sign up.  Please help us to help keep tuition costs down by submitting your payments on time.

Drop or Withdrawal Policy:  A thirty day paid written notice is required to drop or withdraw from a class.  This notice must be in writing using the forms located on the lobby counter prior to the last month of attendance. You are responsible for tuition up to the last day of enrollment.

All monies paid are non-refundable. 

Costume recital fees will be collected by October  15.   Each costume is $70 per class taken. A credit card must be on file for taking multiply classes. 

Inclement weater:  If the studio is closed due to inclement weather, cancellations will be posted on the studio website, local television channels and on the voicemail by 2:00 pm

If at any time you need to discuss your account you will need to contact our Studio Manager, Mrs. Patty. Our teaching staff does not get involved with tuition payments and therefore cannot answer questions or concerns about your account.  If your payment envelopes include all information needed it will help to make proper  identification  for your payments.


Learning to dance is not just a matter of having a qualified teacher, but having an environment that is focused on dance education. In a professional school environment students can not be distracted by ringing phones, siblings, other parents and loud conversations. Parents may view their children from the camera monitors located in our lobby.  We do not allow parents, family and friends in to observe the classes during regular class times. It is very important that instructors have each child’s attention during class time. We ask that all children are dropped off by a parent in the lobby. Please make sure that you NEVER leave your child alone in the lobby. We will open the door on the half hour to change classes and then you may leave the building until class is over. We do not dismiss any child without a parent coming in to pick them up. Please do not park outside and ask your child to come out on their own for pick-up. For your child’s safety we like to know that each child left our building with an adult that is their caregiver.  No food or drinks are allowed in the building from students or parents.  This includes candy & soft drinks.

As with anything, improvement takes practice. Please make sure that your child comes to class on time. We always start with warm-ups and that is very important to the health of your child. Everyone learns at a different pace and the key is to be able to enjoy the journey. There is no substitute for a pat on the back for a job well done. Praise your child no matter how small an achievement may look. It is always a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT for them. Never compare your child to others in the class. You do not know how many hours a week they take nor do you know if they are taking private lessons. All these factors play a part in the difference of a child’s progress even siblings.  Enjoy your children and the expereince that you have allowed them to have.  As a parent myself, I know that sometimes we can get caught up in what "all the other kids" are doing, who is taking what class, etc.  Ultimately, what the kids care about is that they get to see their friends each week, that they have fun in class while learning new things, and that they get to perform onstage!  Sometimes it is just that simple and you need to enjoy it while you can.  All too soon it will be your child up on stage being announced as the graduating senior and you will be wishing that you could whisk her back to the days of fixing her ballet bun or tying her tap shoes. 

 Smile, today is a GIFT and your child is a miracle!

Again, thank you for choosing ShowStars Dance Academy.  We look forward to working with you and your child.  Let's make it a great year!  My door (email, cell phone etc) is always open to you for questions.



       2019/2020 Class Schedule  Class Fees are listed at the bottom of this schedule.

This schedule is subject to change according to enrollment and class ratios.

All "BOLD" print classes are Competitive Classes or Teacher Recommendation.

4:15 - 5:45All-star cheer,pom,stunts,tumble Age 5-up ROOM 4
4:30 - 5:15Lyrical & Jazz Age 5-9 ROOM 2
4:30 - 5:15Gymnastics Age 3-6 ROOM 3
5:15 - 6:30Lyrical & Jazz Technique Age 9-up ROOM 3
5:15 - 6:15Ballet, Tap, Jazz Age 3-4 ROOM 1
5:15 - 6:15Ballet, Tap, Jazz Age 5-6 ROOM 2
6:00 - 7:00Hip Hop & Tumble Age 4-8 ROOM 4
6:15 - 7:00Dance & Tumble Age 2 1/2-4 ROOM 2
6:30 - 7:45Lyrical/Contemporary Age 13-up ROOM 3
7:00 - 8:00Cheernastics All Ages ROOM 4
7:45 - 8:45Adult/Teen Dance Age 13-up ROOM 3
4:15 - 5:15Gymnastics Age 7-up ROOM 4
4:15 - 5:30Prep Dance Age 8-up ROOM 2
4:15 - 8:30AllStar Dance - TBA Age 5-up ROOM 3
5:15 - 6:00Tumbling - no recital Age 8-up ROOM 4
4:15 - 5:15Ballet, Tap & Jazz Age 3-4 ROOM 1
4:15 - 5:15Ballet, Tap & Jazz Age 5-6 ROOM 2
4:15 - 5:30Acro Team Level 3-4 Age 8-up ROOM 4
5:15 - 6:00Gymnastics Age 3-5 ROOM 3
5:30 - 6:15Dance & Tumble Age 7-up ROOM 3
5:30 - 7:00Allstar Cheer,pom,stunts,tumble Age 8-up ROOM 4
4:00 - 5:15Acro Team Level 1-2 Age 4-up ROOM 3/4
4:15 - 5:15GYMNASTICS Age 8-up ROOM 3/4
5:15 - 6:00Power Tumbling Age 8-up ROOM 4
5:15 - 6:15Ballet, Tap & Jazz Age 3-6 ROOM 1/2
5:15 - 6:00Ballet I w/Cami Age 5-9 ROOM 3
6:00 - 7:00Hip Hop & Tumble Age 7-up ROOM 4
6:00 - 7:00Ballet II w/Cami Age 9-up ROOM 3
6:15 - 7:15Lyrical & Jazz Age 7-up ROOM 2
6:45 - 7:45Gymnastics Age 5-up ROOM 4
7:00 - 8:00Ballet III w/Cami Teens ROOM 3
7:15 - 7:45Tap with Raina Age 5-up ROOM 1
8:00 - 8:45Pointe* company  

 *TR = Teacher Recommendation
Classes are tenative and may change after registration.

Power Tumblers should have a running round off.  Classes are broken up according to level and abililty.    This is by *Teacher Recommendation only.

Ballet classes prior to joining a Pre-Pointe or Pointe Class. *Teacher Recommendation only.

Class Fees Per Month

1 class per week = $50 per month       2 classes per week=$80 per month 

3 classes per week=$110 per month      4 classes per week=$140 per month 

* TR  Pointe & Jazz/Tap  = $200 per month-Company (unlimited)


Sibling & Military Discount  - $5.00 off second child's tuition.

PRIVATE Lesson are scheduled by the office and the Instructors

Privates are $25 per half hour for dance with discounts for reoccurring monthly privates.

Tumbling privates per 1/2 hour-$35 


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